Quarry drivers watched

DRIVERS heading to and from a Carrbrook quarry have been warned they are being watched as complaints rise.

The Correspondent told how several people living near Buckton Vale Quarry are posting their grumbles about large wagons thundering along the village’s roads on social media.

Stills of loaded vehicles without covers over the top, images of dirty cars and mud on the roads and claims of rocks falling from them regularly mentioned.

Now a former candidate for the Tameside Council elections has revealed bosses have admitted they are keeping a keen eye on drivers.

David Tilbrook, who stood for the Conservatives in the Stalybridge North ward which takes in Carrbrook, pointed out the problem in his campaign and has met with boss Roy Taylor of owners W Maher and Sons.

He said: “He showed me videos and records of lorries at the roundabout next to Calico estate where he was recording instances of any lorries that cut across the roundabout and told me that action is taken against the drivers.

“During the election campaign, I spoke to many residents in the area and their number one issue was with the lorries coming through the village.

“Some thought that the lorries were speeding and some thought that they were driving without due care and that an accident was waiting to happen.

“After speaking with him, I am now aware that he does seem to be doing more than is maybe widely known.”

Despite the meeting and the new information, complaints against lorries are continuing.

A wing mirror that was apparently shattered by one and more issues with dirt coming off wheels were the main issues.

The group will also raise concerns when Tameside Council discusses an application to extend its use until 2042 by owner W Maher and Sons.

Stuart Crompton from the group says he started it after seeing what he felt was people being fobbed off.

The 40-year-old, who lives on South View, said: “I went to a meeting between the residents’ association, the conservation group and Maher but to be honest, that seemed a complete waste of time.

“Maher brushed every single question that was asked off, so I suggested outside setting up a Facebook group.

“This affects everyone who lives in the village, so this can make more people know about the problems and hopefully Maher can start listening to everyone’s concerns.

“It’s really to bring awareness of what’s going on. We’ve been sending comments and pictures to councillors in the area and I believe people can attend Speaker’s Panel to voice their concerns to a planning application.

“Our evidence is being saved for that as well.”

However, Mr Tilbrook says he was told a new wheel washer would be ready soon and that they regularly have a road sweeper through the village.

And after holding an initial meeting, he hopes to talk further with Mr Taylor to attempt to solve any issues.

He added: “The roads through the village are not designed for the size and number of lorries that come through.

“I hope to continue my discussions as some residents have commented that while the lorries may not be speeding, there are certain ‘hotspots’ where accidents are more likely to happen.

“I hope that future discussions can begin to address this with Maher to see what can be done as nobody wants accidents to happen.

“I was encouraged by the willingness of Maher to work with local residents to be good neighbours. We just need to see action now.

“And I would encourage anybody who has a complaint to put it through the village committee that meets regularly with Maher or contact them directly if it’s more urgent.”

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