Mossley independent party disbands after 20 years

APATHY has been blamed for the demise of the Mossley Independent Community Party as it prepared to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

It has disbanded and de-registered as a political party after failing to find candidates to contest the Mossley borough elections.

Mossley Independent party members in 2018

Independents held six of the nine seats on the town council – Chris Lyness, Irene Raddings, Lesley Bill and Greg Brett were from the community party while Dean Aylett and Amy-Louise Connolly had broken away from it.

But after the recent borough election, Labour now holds eight of the nine seats with Dean Aylett the lone independent still standing.

Chris admitted it was “disappointing” independent candidates did not come forward to contest the borough election.

She said: “I am speaking for Irene, Lesley, Greg and myself when I say we had worked very hard during our term of office but it was time for us to hand over to other people.

“When nobody came forward to stand we had no option but to disband and de-register the party as there was clearly not the enthusiasm for it.”

Chris added the party could re-emerge in the future if interest is rekindled.

But the four said they will be remaining actively involved in the community within Mossley.

Chris continued: “We are all involved in many things in Mossley and we became town councillors because of the work we did beforehand.

“We do similar things for the people of Mossley but were not town councillors.”

Chris added the four of them saw it as a “privilege” and they were prepared to work hard for the town.

She was also sad to see the demise of the position of town mayor as Labour has replaced the post with ‘chair’ of the town council.

Chris said: “The people before us fought for the position of mayor and all four of us had been mayor.

“We are disappointed it will not be continuing but hopefully the new town council will continue to serve the people of Mossley well.”

Chris pointed out the mayoral role had three objectives – to represent the town council in the town, the town council outside Mossley and also to raise money for community groups which are all run by volunteers.

The decision of the independents to disband and for Amy-Louise Connolly not to seek re-election paved the way for Labour to seize control as they hold eight of the nine seats

And it is a new-look town council with six of the nine seats changing hands.

Frank Travis, the new ‘chair’ of the town council, Jack Homer and Dean Aylett are the three remaining councillors.

Newly elected are Ruth Kerfoot and Martin Stimson for Yorkshire ward, Stephen Homer and Maggie Thomas for Lancashire ward along with Pat Mullin and Idu Miah for Cheshire ward.

Labour had no opponents for Yorkshire and Lancashire wards so an election was needed for the two Yorkshire and three Lancashire seats.

Residents had to go to the polls in Cheshire ward where Dean Aylett and four Labour candidates fought for the four seats.

The result:
Dean Aylett, Independent, 769
Idu Miah, Labour, 684
Frank Travis, Labour, 456
Pat Mullin, Labour, 444
Lynn Travis, Labour, 420.

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