Mossley celebrates 25 years linked to twin towns

MOSSLEY Twinning was invited to France for the 25th anniversary of the Hem and Wiehl twinning link.

Hem is Mossley’s twin town and Wiehl, to the east of Cologne in Germany, is one of their twins.

Mossley also has a good relationship with the Wiehlers and were delighted to be asked to attend their event this year.

Twinning continues to be a strong connection and visits are regular over a network of towns beyond these three.

The cultural theme is very strong, including opportunities for participation by young people.

The Mossley visitors were treated to a fun night of song and dance as well as the inauguration of artwork in the park with amazing actors playing out roles reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil.

It clear that the towns really value the connections and there is much community and civic effort involved in each visit.

Bob Skeldon, chair of Mossley Twinning, reflects they are now in the 47th year of their link with Hem. “We always have a warm family welcome and we will return in November as always for Remembrance”.

The Mossley party also took time out to honour Pierre Osson, a long-standing member of the twinning family.

He was presented with a personal gift of an album of the biographies of the 10 British servicemen buried at Leers and also a certificate of appreciation from the Royal British Legion.

Last year Mossley Twinning presented the municipality of Hem with an album of detailed 14 biographies of the men in the town’s war graves.

Pierre has also for many years placed crosses on the British graves from the First and Second World Wars in his local cemetery in Leers, close to Hem.

Mossley Town Council chair Frank Travis said: “It was a fitting tribute to Pierre and a great pleasure to present him with an album of the biographies of the men he has honoured for so long, without him knowing much more than name and unit.

“When I spoke to local historian Kathryn Young about the idea she realised that one of the fallen there is a relative of hers.”

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