Sudden exit for Copley headteacher and deputy

THE HEADTEACHER of a Stalybridge high school has been suddenly replaced.

Sarah Gregory, principal at Copley Academy, is described as being ‘unavoidably absent’ from the Huddersfield Road site.

She and her deputy have both been moved aside and staff from the Rodillian Trust in West Yorkshire have been brought in.

Kenwyn Paddy has come in as acting principal with Danielle Williams as acting deputy.

And parents have been told the challenge of improving their childrens’ education is ‘significant.’

Allison Crompton CBE, chief executive of Great Academies Education Trust, which runs Copley Academy, wrote in a letter: “Mrs Gregory and her deputy Ms Walker-Maxey are both unavoidably absent from school. This has necessitated interim arrangements for leadership.

“I understand parents’ concerns particularly, as we are facing significant challenge to improve the quality of education for all your children.

“I want to reassure parents that we have secured experienced senior leaders to fill these positions.

“Mr Kenwyn Paddy will be acting principal and Ms Danielle Williams the acting deputy.

“Both Mr Paddy and Ms Williams have significant senior leadership experience working with the Rodillian Trust in West Yorkshire.

“We have specifically approached Rodillian because of their excellent track record in helping schools improve rapidly.

“I have put these arrangements in place as quickly as possible to ensure the smooth running of the school and informed you at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Mrs Gregory previously told the Correspondent of the job she faced at Copley and said she was already making progress.

She was part of the team that took Levenshulme High School for Girls in Manchester, from ‘special measures’ to ‘outstanding’ in three years.

With 25 years of experience Mrs Gregory, who took up the post in January last year, had the knowledge and skills to lead Copley Academy from the front.

She said: “I am absolutely committed to ensuring Copley Academy becomes a school where every young person it serves gains the skills and qualifications they need to move forward confidently and responsibly into adult life.

“We believe in equity of opportunity and know we have a uniquely important job to do in terms of raising the aspirations of our students as well as ensuring they all fulfil their potential.

“This is a huge responsibility and one we will meet head on over the weeks, months and years to come.

“We have a lot of hard work ahead but are already making gains.”

One Reply to “Sudden exit for Copley headteacher and deputy”

  1. Truth be known the Principal Sarah Gregory was fired and Alison Crompton is leaving also with a lovely £30,000 handshake – Even now the truth is still not coming out and cover ups are going on, the school was failing long before Sarah Gregory came and she had a mammoth task either way – Shocking way to treat Sarah Gregory as her heart was definitely in the school and wanting to make it better, albeit too many cutbacks, never enough money and Academies are not the way for schools as only class schools as businesses which schools can’t be considered as that, they should be back in control of Councils – Thank goodness my children go to a school and not an Academy!
    As for the two new people drafted in; Kerwyn Paddy and Danielle Williams, will be a great place to make your name as wouldn’t take a genius to sort it out but is the funding and compassion amongst others there anymore – Also; never good to blame previous people as to be fair to the teachers at Copley Academy, they are second to none as it is the running of the Trust for the Academy that should be under scrutiny.

    I wonder will this comment be shown as money can talk in certain areas.

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