Chain reaction

A REQUEST has been made to Mossley Town Council for the return of eight links that were donated for the mayoral chain of office.

After the decision was made to axe the post of mayor, Margaret Turner-Wood has asked for them back.

“When I heard there was not going to be a mayor, I asked for them back so I can create something nice for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren rather than them sitting in a drawer,” she said.

Margaret and her late husband Brian Wood helped found the Mossley Independent Steering Committee which became the Mossley independent Community Party.

The couple donated four links for the chain and Margaret gifted a further four in memory of Brian who died a decade ago.

Margaret added she could understand comments made at Mossley Town Council about wanting back her gift.

“If the position of mayor returns in the future, the chain can still be used as it was done before my links were given. It looked nice, though, with the extra links,” she added.

Margaret, treasurer and secretary when the Mossley Independent Steering Committee was formed, was upset to see the demise of the party she helped set up.

She said: “It was sad as we fought to hard to set it up and sad that it came on the 20th anniversary.

“In a way it did the trick as before the party was formed Mossley was like a forgotten town as far as Tameside Council was concerned.

“We made Tameside Council sit up and take notice of us and Mossley mattered.

“We were the only group interest in taking up the position of mayor and it is such a shame it is no more, but it is their right not to have one.”

Mossley Town Council are to explore the legal position.

Cllr Ruth Kerfoot said: “The issue is that it was a gift and an asset of wealth. We couldn’t go out on the streets to give away the links.

“It is like being given a gold watch for your birthday and five years later asked to give it back if you suddenly didn’t like the person.

“It is complicated by the fact they were donated. The council owns them and they belong to the town. I am sure Judge Rinder would say they were a gift.

“There is no emotional attachment to us so can we check the legal position first.”

Cllr Stephen Homer added: “I have no personal objections if the links are important to her (Margaret).

“It is not simply a case of handing them back. Are they ours to give back? They don’t belong to us but to the town.”

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