Quit smoking with Nxt Gen Vapours

WHEN it comes to sourcing alternatives tobacco smokers have never had it so good in terms of the e-cigarette product range at their disposal.

From starter kits to coils and tanks to liquids and e-juices, there is a vast array of merchandise out there for current and prospective vapours.

A visit to Nxt Gen Vapours on Stamford Street in Top Mossley – opened in November 2018 – is an Aladdin’s cave of vaping paraphernalia available to the delight of its growing clientele.

Customers will also receive information money can’t buy – help towards quitting smoking from manager Arron Valente.

“More and more people are quitting smoking so from that point the market can only get better,” explained Arron.

“But for me it is not so much about how big the industry is getting, it’s the satisfaction I get from people quitting smoking.

“Nine times out of 10 people come in looking for products that produce a lot of vapour.

“If you are a smoker that’s not the best advice for you. I would rather sell someone the right device rather than the most expensive.

“If you get it right potentially you have saved someone’s life. That’s a good feeling for me.

“If someone comes in and says they haven’t had a cigarette for so many months that to me means I have done my job.

“I was a 20-a-day smoker but I have not had one now for five years.

“E-cigarettes helped me quit but you have also still got to want to quit smoking.”

Nxt Gen Vapours’ Mossley shop is their second after opening their first business in Dukinfield at 87 King Street.

“When we first opened it was gauging what people in Mossley were used to, understanding a lot of it is subjective” added Arron.

“We are trying to introduce new products all the time including liquids from America and other parts of the world.

“But the most important thing is that it’s not necessarily the most expensive product that will help people quit – we recommend the right one.”

• Nxt Gen Vapours has no affiliation with Vape Shack. The Correspondent would like to apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused by the advertisement placed in the June edition of the Correspondent newspapers.

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