Flooding hits Micklehurst – again!

MICKLEHURST has again found itself hit by flooding – just over a year after £1 million worth of work to tackle the problem.

A culvert on Micklehurst Road became overwhelmed as rain teemed down in the early hours of today, sending a torrent down the road.

Worried residents found themselves protecting their belongings once again in an area where the problem frequently occurs.

Amazingly, this is the 10th time Marjorie Carty has been surrounded by water in 40 years of living there.

And she told a public meeting to discuss the problem of flooding: “My husband Clive and three neighbours have for years been in the culvert every week cleaning it out.”

Residents were told work costing about £1 million will not eliminate the risk of flooding.

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Mossley, asked whether repairs to the culvert would solve the issue.

But Sandrine Thomas, from the Environment Agency, was unable to offer any reassurance, saying: “The effects of climate change and the intensity of the rainfall means we can only reduce the risk of flooding, not stop it.

“There will always be a risk of flooding on Micklehurst Road and nobody can stop it, just reduce it.

“People will have to accept there is a degree of risk and everyone should continue to have home insurance.”

Environment Agency staff were asked whether the culvert could be widened. The reply was this would require homes to be demolished to put in new trenches.

The existing drains are installed to design guidelines to cope with a 30/1 chance of flooding, but it would not be feasible to have a wide pipe that may only be needed once in 100 years.

Residents were also told they will be liable legally to maintain the culvert that runs through their gardens or beneath their homes.

That was a concern to people worried they have to foot the cost of repairs for a problem that may emanate further upstream.

One resident, who recently moved on to Micklehurst Road claimed they had not been told the problem culvert was on their land.

Also of concern was future development, notably Earnshaw Clough, which is off Micklehurst Road, and the impact it could have on water courses in the area.

Mossley town councillor Dean Aylett has previously raised his idea of creating a town plan.

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  1. Flooding has occurred at this spot for many years, 2 houses collapsed back in the 40`s as a result of this culvert, since the new screens were put in place after a day of rain debris will collect on them causing the water to rise and then flow into the mill pond and the culvert on the north side of the pond is to small to take the amount of water going into it, TMBC used to maintain the pond until they found out they didn`t own it, and unless the pond is dredged because of the amount of silt in there then Micklehurst Road will flood every year.

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