Marvellous Mossley: great community get together huge success

THERE was four hours of fun as Mossley Park hosted The Event and The Marvellous Mossley Great Community Get Together.

It was a joint effort involving the Friends of Mossley Park and Marvellous Mossley after both had organised events for the same day.

Paul Dowthwaite, Friends of Mossley Park secretary, said: “The events which the Friends of Mossley Park have organised and run in the park over the years – Picnic in the Park, It’s A Knockout, The Event, have always been great community events.

“The collaborative venture with Marvellous Mossley put this year’s event on a higher plane with more activities and more involvement of community groups.

“Sharing the work of organising has been very enjoyable and a positive step forward. All the feedback has been favourable and the Friends group looks forward to future collaborations.”

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