Mossley Hollins students ‘graduate’ after completing university courses

YEAR seven and 10 pupils at Mossley Hollins High School have already graduated from university.

Two groups of 11 completed courses at both Manchester and Sheffield Universities which were part of The Scholars Club, a national initiative.

It was the first time Mossley Hollins participated as year seven children were at Manchester where they took part in a philosophy course while those in year 10 studied science relating to climate change and renewable energy.

On both courses the children worked with Phd tutors and had tutorials as though they were at university.

They had a couple of sessions at Manchester and Sheffield though most of the work was done at Mossley Hollins.

They had to do course work in addition to their normal homework and produce a dissertation which had to be submitted electronically.

Andy Fenton, middle leaders for science and the able at Mossley Hollins, was delighted with the way the two-month course went.

He said: “The students were really keen and enthusiastic.

“They learned a lot about things including study skills, time management and organisation.

“It also increased their desire to investigate studying at university after leaving college.”

Pupils, most of who are keen to go to university, spoke about the benefits they had derived which included increasing confidence and perfecting the art of essay writing.

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