Marvellous GCSE results for pupils at Mossley Hollins

IDENTICAL twins Molly and Anna Campbell had near identical GCSE results at Mossley Hollins High School.

Molly and Anna Campbell compare their results

And the pair are going to Oldham Sixth Form College to study the same subjects and both want one day to become doctors.

Molly achieved three grade nines in biology, history and business, two grade eights, four sevens and one six.

Anna also achieved three nines along with three eights, two sevens, two sixes and A’s in further maths and financial education.

Both girls, who live in Mossley, will study for A Levels in biology, chemistry, history and maths.

Molly described her results as about what she expected while Anna said some of her grade were better than expected but others slightly worse.

“We are similar but not exactly the same as one another,” joked Anna.

The most successful student was Christina Stefani who achieved grade nine in seven subjects while Grace Warrington, from Carrbrook, was another of Mossley Hollins High School’s top 10 achievers.

She achieved four grade nines and six grade eights and A* in further maths.

Grace, who described her results as better than expected, and revealed her recipe for relieving stress.

The 16-year-old, a former county gymnast, relaxed by coaching at the Tameside School of Gymnastics.

Grace is to take A Level maths, further maths and psychology at Ashton Sixth Form College and wants to eventually read maths at university.

Liam Mayall, from Mossley, achieved grade nines in maths and chemistry, four eights, two sevens and two sixes as well as A in further maths.

He is to study for A Levels in maths, further maths, physics and computer science at Oldham Sixth Form College and eventually to university to read computer science.

Bradley Makinson, who has ambitions to work in computer science or the space industry, achieved four grade nines, three eights and three sevens and A in further maths.

The 16-year-old from Carrbrook gained the top grade in physics, maths, computer science and biology and said all the hard work was worthwhile.

“I did better than I thought. I had been hoping for two or three nines and four was better than expected,” he said.

Bradley will study for A Levels in computer science, physics and maths at Ashton Sixth Form College.

Georgia Wilkinson, from Carrbrook, gained two eights, four sevens, two sixes and one five. She revealed she had risen at 4.30am each day to revise.

Georgia, who will study for A levels in law, criminology and forensic science at Ashton Sixth Form College, has ambitions to become a detective.

Headteacher Stuart Marshall said: “It is very rewarding to hear of the success of our students.

“These results will allow them to confidently take their next steps into education, training or employment, and eventually onto degree level courses and beyond.

“Especially rewarding is the performance of students who joined our school having not done so well at primary school.

“They have worked extremely hard, in some cases overcoming significant barriers to learning, to achieve grades that will allow them to move confidently into the next phase of their education and training”. 

“Students’ achievement is very pleasing in a range of other subjects, especially in PE where almost 50 per cent of the group achieved grades seven to nine, with 90 per cent achieving a strong pass at grade five or above.

“Students in computer science also achieved very well with 25 per cent of the group gaining grades seven to nine and in GCSE art more than 75 per cent of students achieved a strong pass of five or above.

“Music students excelled with 43 per cent achieving grade seven or above and over 90 per cent achieving a strong pass at grade five or above.

“Many of these students are members of Mossley Hollins’ famous school brass band that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.”

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  1. Can you correct the line regarding grace Warrington as she was a “county” gymnast not a “country” gymnasts. Thanks

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