Concerns over danger of road being left in the dark

SAFETY fears have been expressed over a main road in Mossley being left in the dark by broken street lights.

A stretch of Huddersfield Road, known locally as the S Bends, is plunged into almost complete darkness because seven lights in a row are not working.

And despite Tameside Council being notified by concerned residents, town and borough councillors, there is no sign of them being repaired.

Now with it becoming light later in the morning and dark earlier in the evening there is concern drivers, particularly those from outside the area, may be caught out.

The imminent return to school of pupils at nearby Mossley Hollins is also raising concern from former Mayor of Mossley Chris Lyness.

“This has been ongoing since March,” she told the Correspondent. “I’ve reported it and I’ve spoken to town and Tameside councillors who say they’ve reported it.

“But so far nothing has happened.

“One of my neighbours has been told that one broken light has tripped the others out but I’ve lived on Richmond Crescent for 45 years and I’ve known the odd light go but never seven in a row.

“What concerns me is what if people who don’t know the area are driving along and all of a sudden they’re plunged into darkness on a tricky bend.

“And with Mossley Hollins coming back in, the pupils walk down that way and use the bend. With the dark drawing in, would that make it more dangerous?”

Chris and his neighbours all explored different methods of making Tameside Council aware of the problem.

Mobile phone apps, emails, phone calls and speaking to people face-to-face have all been tried, so far with no success.

“I was told about the Fix My Street app which supposedly goes straight to Tameside Council but I’ve had no response to that,” Chris added.

“And as I was once a town councillor, I said I’d use the direct approach and talk to people so I’ve spoken to both Mossley Town and Tameside councillors about it.

“They tell me they’ve reported it directly to whichever department deals with a problem like this.

Tameside councillors have said they will get back to me when they have some news but nothing so far.”

Ironically, lightbulbs on nearby Richmond Crescent have already been switched to LEDs, which are supposedly cheaper to run and better for light pollution.

However Huddersfield Road appears to be served by old-style bulbs and as yet, the entire stretch heading into the S Bends as you drive from Greenfield remains in darkness.

Chris is also concerned building work in the area may also increase pedestrian traffic in the affected area.

She added: “Basically, I just want to know what the plan is. Ideally, I want it fixed by the time the children go back to school.

“And another thing is more people are being forced to walk around the bend because of building work going on in the area.

“I’ve never been bothered about walking around the bend while I’ve been living here.

“But at the moment I’m not happy about it.”

Tameside Council insisted repair work will take place soon with a spokesman saying: “Our officers have investigated and identified an ongoing intermittent fault with the supply cable.

“We believe this is affecting six street light columns.

“We have arranged for a contractor to resolve the issue, with work is due to start on September 2.

“However, we are working to bring this date forward and complete the repairs as quickly as possible.

“Once the work has started it should take about a week to complete if it’s a straightforward job.”

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