Community rallies against homes plan

NEW plans for 21 family homes at Brookfields, Mossley, have been met with fierce opposition, even though a planning report is recommending approval.

Residents have submitted objections to the controversial development while Mossley councillors, both borough and town, are also against it.

The main concern is access to the steep site with Ken Corbett, 90, from Egerton Street, claiming nearby streets could not cope with construction wagons and equipment.

He said: “We regularly get wagons stuck and have to be towed out as the streets around here were only built for a horse and cart.

“There are also no footpaths on some of streets and would be absolutely ridiculous to build on this land. It shows no respect for people living here.”

Ken claims the land is a former landfill site while it also contains a culvert which raises issues about possible flooding.

He added he has previously written to the secretary of state about it, and will do so again, and claims to have had one reply stating it is “not fit to be built on”.

Councillor Stephen Homer explained there is opposition throughout the town from residents and councillors.

He said: “It is the Labour Party’s standpoint we don’t want the development, mainly due to access and problems getting machinery and materials on to the site.

“There is the right turn from Carrhill Road on to Mill Lane and then into Archer Street to access the site.”

Cllr Homer added when a previous application for the same 2.2 hectares site was submitted the Mossley ward councillors held a roving surgery and everybody was opposed to it.

Paul Clements Court Properties, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, has submitted a plan to Tameside Council to build 21 four and five-bedroom family homes.

The proposed houses would be located, the council planning report stated, on an undeveloped and overgrown piece of waste land to the west of Spring Street, Vernon Street and Archer Street.

The proposed access to the development is from the end of Archer Street and there is a new highway arrangement proposed to serve and front the 21 houses including the provision of an adopted cul-de-sac and two private driveways.

The applicant also proposes to carry out significant improvements to the existing single width highway at the end of Spring Street, Vernon Street and Archer Street by widening it to double width including the provision of a pedestrian footway and making it up to an adoptable standard.

Twelve off road parking spaces will also be formed off this link road for the benefit of the local residents. There will also be an additional car parking area formed just inside the development site containing 23 spaces. It is proposed that the future management and maintenance of these car park areas will be by a management company funded by an annual charge on the new properties.

Tameside Council will seek Section 106 money whereby the developer contributes to infrastructure which in this case will towards greenspace and highway improvements.

The planning report described it “an accessible location within a sustainable location” to provide new family housing

It continued: “The site is vacant and overgrown and currently does not contribute to the area any significant benefits. The proposal will ensure visual improvements to the site and long-term maintenance and bring much needed family houses to the area.

“The proposal therefore offers economic, social and environmental benefits and therefore amounts to sustainable development as required by the development plan and National Planning Policy Framework.

“The proposal generates no significant adverse effects having regard to relevant local plan policies, the NPPF or other material considerations. Accordingly, the application is acceptable in planning terms and should be approved.”

The consultation has ended and a target date for a decision by Tameside Council has been given as October 3.

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