Town Talk: Band contest criticism answered

EVERYONE has the right to their opinion and to air those if they choose and I fully support that right and the excellent coverage the Correspondent gives to that.

However, it’s important that if you state something then it’s based in factual truth and not personal bias.

In last month’s issue John M Key, chairman of the Mossley Central Conservative Club, made some negative and factually incorrect assertions about the Whit Friday Band Contest hosted this year for the first time at Mossley AFC which ought to be set straight.

Mossley AFC has a vested interesting in making anything Mossley a success, that’s our overwhelming principle in all the new things we are doing.

However in Mr Key’s own opening comments in his letter he set the tone of his compliant by stating clearly that his vested interest was solely concerned with the “much needed source of revenue… anticipated by our members” which the Conservative Club missed out on by the move of the venue.

In reality Mossley AFC were approached to get involved to help resurrect the great traditional event of Whit Friday Band Contests from a perpetual decline. We enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to do so.

Was everything perfect at our first-ever try? Of course not, we are learning, but was the event the best attended in Tameside and a huge improvement in attendance on prior year? Indeed, it was.

That’s fact.

I am deeply upset that Mr Key would call into question the fantastic job that tens of volunteers spent several days preparing and then working throughout the Friday and call it a “shambles”, incredibly disrespectful made the worse by the fact that Mr Key appears not to have visited the event. What’s more, his comments are incredibly contradictory.

Mr Key takes issue with the claim it was a resounding success but then states it was such a success we ran out of beer – which is it?

In fact the bands stopped at 10pm Mr Key, (next year it will be 11pm) and we didn’t run out of beer apart from our launch ale ‘The Lilywhite’ bought from the local brewery Donkeystone which was a great success, but then you would have known that if you had visited.

Further, you insult the good people of Mossley and beyond who have given incredibly generously of their own time and money to support the redevelopment of the club and the improvements made across all we are trying to do in the last 12-18 months, especially by intimating that funds raised would not be spent on improvements which all the community now strongly benefit from.

I offer yourself and anyone to come along and we will give you a tour and explain our plans.

Hopefully you may be happy that we are working with our landlords Tameside MBC to improve disabled access areas in the future and also celebrate the introduction of our extended youth teams and new women’s teams at the club.

Mossley AFC are trying to make a real difference to Mossley and put the town on the map. Let’s celebrate that and work together in harmony for the greater good.

Gary Dean, chairman, Mossley Football Club.


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