Bin to blame for flooding?

AN ABANDONED wheelie bin is believed to be the reason for flooding that struck part of Mossley yet again.

A torrent of water cascaded down Micklehurst Road after heavy rain and storms saw a culvert overwhelmed.

However, the Correspondent understands a bin and some wooden boards left over it caused grit, shale and sand to back up, blocking the entrance.

And with nowhere to go, that meant residents were forced to once again baton down the hatches and board up their doors to make sure their homes were not affected.

This latest flooding came just over a year after £1 million worth of work to tackle the problem.

It was the second time in just over 12 months the area was badly affected.

And it was the 10th time Marjorie Carty had been surrounded by water in 40 years of living there.

The Environment Agency had worked on the culvert but Sandrine Thomas from the body admitted to local MP Jonathan Reynolds it would not stop the risk.

She said: “The effects of climate change and the intensity of the rainfall means we can only reduce the risk of flooding, not stop it.

“There will always be a risk of flooding and nobody can stop it, just reduce it.

“People will have to accept there is a degree of risk and everyone should continue to have home insurance.”

Now it seems residents are liable legally to maintain the culvert that runs through their gardens or beneath their homes.

On previous occasions, the cost of the work was funded through a joint bid from Tameside Council and the Environment Agency for Grant In Aid monies.

Environment Agency, council staff and Mossley councillors descended on the area in the wake of the flooding to make sure everything was alright as the country found itself battered by a series of heavy downpours.

And a spokesman for the town’s Labour Party, to which all three elected council representatives belong, revealed the obstructions were cleared and action designed to prevent a repeat taken.

They said: “All culverts were checked and all are relatively clear and flowing well.

“The gangs of workmen went around again to check this was still the case and action was taken if needed.

“The council has had a large amount of requests for gully cleaning which the crews worked through and the most critical were prioritised, Micklehurst Road is classed as a priority.”

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