Residents unite against controversial plans for development at Brookfields

RESIDENTS have united in their opposition to a controversial new housing development in Mossley.

About 50 householders packed into the hall at Milton St John’s C of E Primary to discuss plans for 21 new homes at Brookfields.The meeting, which was chaired by resident Dave Jones, heard of the fears of residents, primarily over access to the plot which would be from Carrhill Road, Mill Lane and Archer Street.

Due to the scale of the opposition, all three Mossley borough councillors are also opposed to the development, Dave believes there is “a very good chance of stopping it”.

He said: “It is my feeling there is extensive overdevelopment in this town and this should not be an excuse to build what he houses not for first-time buyers,

“This is completely the wrong place to build and hopefully it speaks for itself. There is a lot of concern about access.”

Dave urged residents to object to the proposal as well as offering practical advice.

He continued: “I am not an eco-warrior and simply want this meeting as a gathering and pulling together of energy.”

Anna Philpot, who would have heavy machinery passing her front door on Archer Street, has organised an online petition which at the time of the meeting had garnered support from 159 residents.

There were grave concerns about the suitability of the site for the development of three, four and five-bedroomed homes.Resident Alan Bishop said there was no way 30 and 40 tonne lorries would be able to manoeuvre streets which were described as only suitable for a horse and cart.

And one resident pointed out at the top of the road there was a signing saying Mill Lane was not suitable for HGV lorries so how could building traffic be able to negotiate it.

Another householder, a Jigsaw tenant, had contacted the company.

“New Charter own a lot of houses in the surrounding streets but, when I got in touch, they told me they knew nothing about it,” she said.

There were safety fears given Milton St John’s C of E Primary is directly opposite the entrance to Archer Street.

One resident described it as already “horrendous” on Mill Lane at school times saying it can take 10 minutes to get up the hill to Carrhill Road due to the congestion.

Mossley has also had issues with flooding and there were worries the development could increase the risk.

Alan spoke of the dangers of disrupting natural springs explaining water will reappear elsewhere.

Another resident explained the land was called Brookfields as it contained seven brooks.

• Mossley town councillors also voiced concerns about Brookfields at their last meeting.

Councillor Jack Homer, who also attended the meeting at Milton St John’s, described access to the site as “unsuitable”.

“The roads are too narrow for access to a building site and you also have to consider how near it is to the school,” he explained.

Cllr Stephen Homer said there was no way low loaders would not be able to negotiate the streets.
“When it is in and out at the school it will be carnage,” he said.

There were also concerns about the loss of wildlife from Cllr Martin Stimson while resident Adele Bamford recently took a video of a deer in her garden which backs on to Brookfields.

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