Join the party to celebrate 25 years of the Fairtrade Mark!

JOIN the Mossley group in celebrating 25 years of the Fairtrade Mark.

It is a quarter of a century since the Fairtrade Mark was launched in the UK which makes it as old as The Lion King film, Eurotunnel and television series Friends.Powered by people and community action, Fairtrade has grown from an idea about justice and fairness among a few into a household name.

Fair Ted invites Mossley’s community to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fairtrade Mark at Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Saturday, October 12 at Mossley Methodist Church from 2pm-4pm.

Come with your teddy bear/cuddly toy, have a photo with Fair Ted and the Big Banana, join in the fun and games and enjoy picnic food. Bring a small Fairtrade product for the Fairtrade swap stall which is optional.

Fairtrade makes people think more about where food comes from and the people who produce the food, drink and clothing we rely on every day.

There has been an incredible shift in the attitudes of shoppers, citizens and businesses to where things come from, and the people who grow and make them.

Twenty-five years on the local group knows there is a need for Fairtrade, and the fair deal this small but powerful Mark represents, is as acute as ever.

They say the effects of climate change are becoming more damaging. The imbalance of power in supply chains still squeezes the profits of trade away from the hardworking people who grow the things we rely on.

They will continue campaigning to meet today’s challenges and work towards achieving living incomes for farmers and workers who provide our goods.

The last 25 years show that by coming together, they can achieve transformational change through the Fairtrade Mark.

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