A mayoral chain of events in Mossley

IT looks like the wrangle over Mossley Town Council’s mayoral chain may be drawing to a close.Margaret Turner-Wood, who requested the eight links she donated for the mayoral chain in memory of her late husband Brian be returned following the axing of the role of mayor, has sought legal advice.

Mossley Town Council was mindful of the legal position of returning the links which were gifted to them.

And it emerged that legal advice on the matter could cost the town council as much as £2,000.

Mrs Turner-Wood, however, has taken the initiative and spoken to a solicitor.

She told town councillors at the last Mossley Town Council meeting there was no issue about returning them.

Mrs Turner-Wood said: “I was told you (town council) would not be breaking the law.

“I gifted the links to you and you can gift them to me.

“If it were money, that would be different, but it is not like that.”

Councillor Frank Travis, Mossley Town Council chair, told of the legal advice sought by Tameside Council’s solicitor who was unable to give legal advice to the town council.

He explained the town council needs to be indemnified against any future legal action – however unlikely – against them for giving back the links to Mrs Turner-Wood.

Mrs Turner-Wood said she will provide a letter of indemnity from her solicitor as well as paying for the £217.50 cost of dismantling the links from the chain.

While the current town council has axed the position of mayor, Cllr Travis added a regime in the future could decide to reinstate it.

Mrs Turner-Wood pointed out the mayoral chain existed long before she donated the eight additional links and it would not affect its future use.

She made the request for the links to be returned so she can create “something nice” for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren rather than the mayoral chain gathering dust in a drawer as it is no longer in use.

Cllr Travis had told an earlier meeting the town council had come up with a compromise which was to place the mayoral chain in a display cabinet at the George Lawton Hall.

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