Wall’s well that ends well

MISERY is finally over for motorists following the delayed completion of a new retaining wall on Mossley Road.

Tameside Council admitted it was a “challenging project” after work was not finished until the first week of September, well beyond the projected end date in June.Contractors, who were rebuilding the 450-yard section between Luzley Road and the Hartshead Inn on behalf of the council, were confronted by one of the wettest summers in recent years.

That delayed building work which began in March.

The Correspondent was refused permission by Tameside Council to interview the contractors about the challenging conditions.

Tameside Council, however, issued the following statement: “We are very proud of what we’ve achieved.

“It was a challenging project but it’s come to a successful conclusion and the new structure should protect Mossley Road for many years to come.

“Worn-out walls have been tidied and repaired, and brought up to present-day standards sufficient to give protection from the land above and cope with the traffic from heavy vehicles.

“While some sections needed only minimal support, and could be built up from masonry alone, others had to be designed with a concrete core so the loading could be fully supported to modern specifications.

“There were also one or two technical issues, and bad weather led to severe waterlogging, but we met all the challenges and believe everyone will be pleased with the results.

“It was work that had to be done because without it there was a real chance the walls could have failed, resulting in road closures and a lengthy wait for funding and design development.

“The scheme was the latest instalment in a series of contracts demonstrating Tameside Council’s ongoing investment in key infrastructure projects.”

Motorists faced delays as three-way traffic signals were in operation for the duration of the work.

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  1. The street lights up on Mossley Road haven’t been working for months during the road works and are still not working. It’s pitch black up there

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