Time to overhaul parking in Top Mossley?

A TOWN councillor is demanding an overhaul of parking in Top Mossley.

Cllr Martin Stimson told Mossley Town Council he wants action to resolve the issues and advocates a similar model to Uppermill where visitors get three hours free.

He said: “The car park on the market ground is hardly used which is to the detriment to the town when streets are rammed and the car park empty.

“We should organise a meeting with Tameside Council officers and try and take this forward.”

Councillors agreed to write to Cllr Allison Gwynne, executive member for neighbourhoods, community safety and the environment, and Ian Saxon, director of operations and neighbourhoods, to request a meeting.

Blocked grids are also a cause for concern. The matter was raised at a meeting of Mossley Town Council when it was claimed one third of grids in the town were full of silt.

When there are downpours the grids are unable to cope and results in flooding as happened recently at Woodend Mill.

Town councillors are to request Tameside Council put pressure on United Utilities, who are responsible for cleaning grids, to take action to remedy the problem.

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  1. The Streets are rammed because residents have nowhere else to park their cars. How is offering 3 hours free parking in the only car park left (the council have sold the car park near the Butchers Arms) going to help residents that live here.

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