Woodend Mill’s art fair provides sea of colour and inspiration

ARTISTS showed off their Saturday and Sunday best as they threw open the doors to their Mossley studios.

And the local landscape is proving a huge source of inspiration to some who hardly even have to leave their house to capture it on canvas.

Those who work at Woodend Mill allowed the public in to see their wares and what they do in an art fair.

It provided a glimpse into how they see things and also how many works of art come from the building, which lies just off Manchester Road, over the weekend of Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17.

Diana Terry revealed how her work has reached as far as New Zealand after someone wanted a reminder of home on their wall on the other side of the world.

As well as producing stunning images of Mossley and the surrounding Saddleworth area, she also helps run a Friday art group from Woodend Mill, which is currently in the process of producing books.

A collection of prints featuring last year’s moorland fires – titled Too Close To Home – is also proving popular.

Sheila Meeks also had on show artwork showing the moors and scenery of the local area, many of which were captured at her Heyrod home.

She has been based there for the last three years, living in Mossley before that and being based in Manchester since 1983.

And Mossley-based Liz Ackerley also let people into the secrets of some of her finest work which features scenes from Manchester city centre.

As she put it, ‘Happy accidents.’

Most notable was a work that included newsprint from an edition of the old Manchester Observer that was found at the back of a dresser bought from nearby charity Emmaus!

Dozens of people came through the doors at Woodend Mill to see what is coming out of the building.

Artists also included Judith Alsop Miles, David Ralston’s images of Mossley, Richard Clare and Hugh Winterbottom.

While one of those on show, Susan Aggarwal, revealed just why it is better to allow people in rather than just hang things on a wall.

The mixed media artist, who specialises in hand painted screens, said: “It’s not just about artwork being up, it’s about people coming in and feeling it.”

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