Hartshead Pike remains off limits after structural survey

HARTSHEAD Pike will remain off limits to people after a structural survey revealed work must be done to stop it crumbling.The structure, which dominates the landscape above Mossley, has been surrounded by fencing while investigations into its condition took place.

Now it is likely to be inaccessible for longer after a report confirmed the worst fears about the Grade-II listed attraction – work must be done.

Particular problem areas on Hartshead Pike are the stonework lantern feature, which must have maintenance work done to it, and the pointing on the masonry, which must be redone to make sure it does not fall victim to the conditions.

Before the results were known, a health and safety notice said access to it has been restricted due to concerns ‘regarding falling masonry’.

A Tameside Council spokesperson told the Correspondent: “We have received a structural survey report on Hartshead Pike and are now putting in place arrangements to carry out its recommendations in order to secure this historical attraction.“The report shows that the main structure of the building is considered stable at present but that maintenance work is needed to reconstruct the stonework lantern feature and repoint the spire masonry to make it watertight.

“Temporary fencing remains in place around the Pike as a precaution and we ask that people don’t go beyond this fencing and to please bear with us while we progress the work.

“Hartshead Pike is a listed building and popular local landmark, making the monument an important part of Tameside’s heritage that we are committed to preserving for future generations.”

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