Bowling club concerns over rundown hut

MOSSLEY Park Veterans Bowling Club’s joy at winning promotion has been overshadowed by worries about their decaying hut.And club officials are critical of Tameside Council for their failure to fix a hole in the roof and maintain the structure.

Member Tony Marsland said: “When you go to other greens in the Tameside area, they have all got far better facilities than we have. We have still got an old gas mantle which shows how old the place is.

“Other council run clubs are 10 times better than this. And we don’t have enough members to do our own green maintenance like some clubs.”

The latest concern is a hole in the roof which, as it has not been fixed, has increased in size requiring a bucket to catch the water.

It has been reported to Tameside Council with club officials told “we are on the list but low down”.

Mossley Park Veterans Bowling Club is a council-owned green and they are responsible for its upkeep which club officials said is non-existent.

Tony added: “They are supposed to keep this place decent and do whatever they need to do at the end of each season.

“Winter maintenance should have been done from September 2018 onwards but it wasn’t after the collapse of Carillion and work was taken over by Robertsons.

“They are supposed to clean the toilets but never do. So, we clean them. They used to provide toilet rolls and disinfectant but don’t. There is nothing provided for us.

“Look at the state of the sink it is disgusting. There is water coming through the ceiling.”

The team enjoyed a successful season finishing runners-up in the first division of the Tameside Veterans Bowling League, winning promotion to the top flight.

The Correspondent contacted Tameside Council who were investigating the matter at the time the paper went to print.

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