GCSE numbers add up to success for Mossley Hollins pupils

High achieving Mossley Hollins pupils have contributed to another successful set of GCSE results.

Hollins 3: Hannah, Luke
Hannah Buckley and Luke Hodkinson

Head teacher Stuart Marshall has described results in Maths as “our best ever” with 86 percent receiving “good passes” and almost a third achieving the gold A* A grade standard.

Individually, Luke Hodkinson gained 11 A grades, 10 of them at A* and Hannah Buckley whose 10 A grades included 8 at A*. In addition, Lisha-Sonia Mistry also achieved 11 passes between A+-C grade.

Mr Marshall also paid tribute to another six Year 11 pupils for their “astonishing progress in learning across the five years, all of whom worked exceptionally hard and performed at a level way beyond expectations.”

The six were: Jordan Harris, Indya Mistry, Sam Washington, Maisie Blunt, Jordan Bishop and Eleanor Walker.

Mr Marshall said: “We are very pleased with these results, especially the outstanding performance of pupils in Maths where results are our best ever for our school.

“In science, results were strong despite almost 50 per cent of students taking the more demanding separate science courses in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

“In fact, we are delighted with student performance across all the STEM subjects (science, technology (computing) and mathematics) which are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world and in high demand by employers.

“We would like to thank the parents and families of our students for their help in supporting and encouraging them and we look forward to hearing of their continued success at college and beyond.”

Hollins Results:Hannah Buckley, Luke Hodkinson, Samantha Unwin, Teona Ritchie, Indya Mistry, Andrew Stansfield
CELEBRATING: Hannah Buckley, Luke Hodkinson, Samantha Unwin, Teona Ritchie, Indya Mistry and Andrew Stansfield

Nationally, the picture isn’t as encouraging with results showing the biggest ever year-on-year decline since 2008.

The overall proportion of entries achieving A* to C declined from 69 per cent to 66.9 per cent while top A* grades have slipped from 6.6 per cent to 6.5 per cent.

This has been blamed on more pupils in England being required to re-sit English and maths.

Mossley Hollins results:
(First number is the total number of GCSE results, the number in brackets is the number of A* to C grades)

Adams-Williams 9(6); R Afzal 9(8); J Allen 8(8); N Arnold 9(7); T Atkinson 10(9); R Ballagher 9(9); S Bardsley 9(8); E Barlow 9(5); T Begum 11(8); S Bell 7(5); J Binless 10(8); D Bishop 8(4); J Bishop 9(7); T Blackshaw 10(10); M Blunt 9(9); G Boardman 9(8); P Bowden 9(6); S Broadbent 9(2); E Broadbent 10(9); B Buckley 10(10); H Buckley 10(10); J Burchill 10(10); K Byford-Howard 9(8); A Cain 8(3); L Cassinelli 10(10); K Challis 8; K Chapman 9(8); L Chappell 10(10); M Cinquanta 9(5); G Clarke 10(10); L Cobbold 9(9); R Coburn9(5); A Collier 9(9); C Collier 9(6); M Cooke 9(2); M Crawford 10(9); E Darraugh 9(7); J Darraugh 9(8); O Deasy 10(9); J Derbyshire 9(5); C Derry 9(9) L Dickinson-Smith 10(10); J Doheny 8(2); C Dunn 9(9); A Dunne 10(9); D Edaire 8(1); E Fenton 10(10); E Fish 9(2); K Fitzsimmons 9(8); M Fletcher 10(10); M Ford 10(10); G Furness 9(2); N Gallagher 10(10); S Gaskell 9(3); S German 10(10); A Godrich 10(10); R Graham 9(2); J Grimes 10(10); J Hallows 10(10); A Hamer 9(8); W Hardman 9(3); B Harper 9(8); J Harris 9(9); A Harrison 9(7); Z Hartley 8(3); S Hasan 10(10); A Hemsley 9(7); M Henthorn 9(2); C Higginbottom 5(2); S Hird 9; L Hodkinson 11(11); B Howarth 9(9); J Hulland 9(6); D Hulmes 9(9); C Humphreys 9(8); N Iqbal 9(6); A Jahan 9(8); N Jasinski 8(7); K Jenkinson 10(10); E Jones 9(9); J Jones 9(6); E Jordan 10(9); H Kaluzny 10(10); F Keigher 10(9); L Kennedy 10(10); S Kulia 4; M Lawrence 9(6); J Lawton 10(9); H Levy 10(6); M Liddle 9(3); H McAleer-Ryder 7(1); K McCoy 9(9); C McKechnie 10(9); P Mellor 9(9); I Mistry 10(10); L Mistry 11(11); L Moore 7(3); A Morris 9(7); S Morris 9(9); A Nelson-Lee 10(10); M Neville-Cooper 8; M Newton 9(1); D Nuttall 10(10); L O’Connor 10(10); S Oliver 10(7); J Parish 9(7); R Parsons 10(10); N Patel 8(3); C Penistone 9(8); H Petrou 10(10); S Platt 9(1); E Pugh 10(10); R Quinn 10(10); D Rani 9(6); J Rhodes 9(6); S Richards 9(8); T Ritchie 10(10); K Roberts 9(4); A Robinson 9(9); T Rongen 9(8); N Schofield 9(3); A Shepherd 7(3); D Silence 10(8); A Simonaitis 10(8); J Smith 8(3); K Smith 10(10); L Srisamutr 10(10); A Stansfield 10(10); A Stephens-Kippax 9(8); E Stoney-Griffiths 9(5); H Sutcliffe 8(4); J Tallents-Bailey 10(5); J Taylor 7(2); J Thomas 9(8); J Thorp 9(9); F Uddin 10(10); L Unsworth 10(10); S Unwin 10(10); J Uttley 9(8); E Walker 9(7); G Walne 9(8); M Warburton 9(7); A Wardle 10(10); S Washington 10(9); N White 8(8); E Wilde 9(7).


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