Shop parking plan gets the go-ahead

A CARRBROOK store has been given the go-ahead to put in parking outside its front – after it changed its plan.Owners of Raja’s on Huddersfield Road have been allowed by Tameside Council to put in an ‘in and out’ lane that comes off the main carriageway and means cars can get right up to the shop’s door.

It also means deliveries early in the morning, that sees vans parking on double yellow lines, can take place without breaking any regulations.

Four parking spots will also be introduced as on several occasions, customers have just left their car on Huddersfield Road, even though there is a car park on the other side of what is the former Buckton Vale pub.

However, permission was only granted after a revised plan was submitted retaining bollards that had already been installed.Originally, the owners wanted to remove all the bollards on the pavement but only a few will be taken out to allow vehicles to turn in at one end and come out at the end nearest to the roundabout at Huddersfield Road’s junction with Buckton Vale Road.

Now they have changed their mind, permission has been granted.

The go-ahead will also help deliveries to new units being installed in the building, with three new businesses soon to be housed in part of the site.

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