Volunteers clean-up campaign against Mossley’s litter louts

A HOST of community-spirited volunteers have given Mossley’s rubbish strewn streets a pre-Spring clean.

A “mega pick” by Mossley Litter Bugs resulted in around 15 bags of trash being removed and bagged ready for collection by Tameside Council.

Christine and Sally Mossley Litterbugs

One grot spot close to the market ground yielded more than 60 empty lager tins resulting in one volunteer telling the Correspondent: “Either someone has a serious alcohol misuse or a littering problem.”

The Litter Bugs hold monthly picks and are seeking more volunteers to help their cause.

The next meeting takes place on Saturday, February 22 at 10am, with a ‘grot spot’ to be finalised.

Litter Bug member Rachel Summerscales said: “We are angered by the effect of litter not only on the environment but also on wildlife, of which Mossley has lots.

“Our ethos is to not complain that the council doesn’t do enough litter picks, not to be political about why this is and simply to tackle the problem together.

“We hope by making the town cleaner we will eventually see less litter being dropped.

“Our picks are great for children and dogs are welcome at off road picks.

“Together we blitz a grot spot picking everything from the tiniest fag butt and sweet wrapper to fly tipped tyres and baths!

“But our numbers are low and we really need more volunteers, especially people who would be happy to take the lead on organising a pick in an area that bugs them.

“We would love to have more picks and also to tackle some bigger issues such as a big river clean up.

“The River Tame was found to be the most plastic polluted river in the UK and much of this comes from litter which breaks down into micro plastics, eventually ending up in the sea and ultimately in the food chain. Tackling this problem at source seems sensible.

“Another thing we would like to do is to go into local schools and talk to the children about how dropping litter affects our town – sadly many of our frequently picked routes are walking routes to schools.”

For more information on the group contact them through Facebook or email Rachel at marvellousmossley@gmail.com

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