Not such a bump drive as council repairs potholes

POTHOLE strewn Fox Platt Road, Mossley, has been repaired by Tameside Council, even though the local authority was not mandated to do so as it is an unadopted highway.

But after complaints about the dangers – it is a well-used road for both St George’s CofE Primary and the adjoining church – they have taken action.The matter was initially raised at the December meeting of Mossley Town Council when the dangers were revealed.

But the day before the January town council meeting, the potholes were repaired.

At the meeting it was confirmed some of the potholes have been filled in with tarmac, though it appeared to be a “rough job”.

Town councillors added they had no knowledge of the work, saying it looked as though Tameside Council may have had some surplus material from another road repair and used this repair the potholes.

A spokesperson for Tameside Council said: “We can confirm this it is not an adopted highway and so we would not normally carry out repairs.

“However, a public right of way (PROW Mos146/10) runs along this route therefore, to help keep it serviceable, we do undertake minor repairs.”

At the December meeting, a joint letter was received from both the church and primary school seeking the thoughts and advice of councillors.

The Rev David Warner, vice chair of the school governors, told the meeting: “We know the maintenance of the road is not the responsibility of the town council, but we wrote to them to seek their advice.

“We want to know what mechanism can be put in place to adopt it and do something more permanent.

“As the potholes get deeper, there is the potential to damage cars and there is also the aspect of child safety.”

He continued: “If the road served just the church it would be nowhere near as serious. It is used by people twice a day taking children to and from school.”

The Rev Warner added that householders from time to time fill in the potholes to provide short-term fixes.

“The problem is that with water and the weight of traffic the material put in the holes is broken up almost immediately and washes away,” he continued.

The letter to the town council was sent by the Rev Warner, St George’s headteacher Carolyn Divers and Stuart Whitehead, chair of the school governors.

It read: “We request action be taken regarding the state of Fox Platt Road where it serves the church and school.

“We understand the small section of road is unadopted, and the surface of the road is not up to the standard of the surrounding road surfaces.

“Each weekday the road carries considerable traffic from parents, suppliers and deliveries to the school, as well as for local residents. When the church is open, the road also carries this associated traffic, for services and events (including those which are obviously sensitive like weddings and funerals, as well as visitors etc.

“The road surface, such as it is, constantly breaks down – though on occasions generous local residents seek to fill holes, the unmade nature of the surface means that rainwater and traffic continually breaks down the surface in other places, as fast as holes can be filled.

“We would seek your urgent attention to this matter, and would be grateful if you could copy this letter to those authorities who may be able to address this issue to ensure the surface is up to standard, and that safety is kept paramount – deep potholes and a shifting road surface in an area which carries a lot of traffic, some of which is of a sensitive nature, is really not acceptable any longer.”

Mike Iveson, Mossley Town Council secretary, added at the December meeting that he had driven down the road in his landrover and described the surface as “dodgy”.

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