Jigsaw takes action after litter complaints on estate

JIGSAW Group has taken decisive action after receiving complaints about litter on a social housing estate in Mossley.

Town councillor Pat Mullin admitted to being “dismayed” by the scale of the problem in the Hart Mill Close and Waterton Lane areas while canvassing during the build-up to the general election.

Mossley Litter Bugs

However, Jigsaw Group has introduced weekly litter picks which they say has already reduce the problem.

Sarah Chilton, head of the chief executive’s department at Jigsaw Group, said, “We are grateful to Cllrs Mullin and (Maggie) Thomas for raising the issue with fly-tipping and littering at our estate.

“Our neighbourhood engagement team worked with local residents to carry out weekly litter picks that have made a positive difference to the estate already.

“Jigsaw Group are keen to do more work with both the residents and Tameside Council in order to tackle the issues of littering and fly-tipping across neighbourhoods.

“Our neighbourhood engagement team is taking measures that include setting up a local residents’ group and distributing information packs to residents about reporting untidy gardens and fly-tipping.

“Extra signage with the information has been put up around the estate, and we are in discussions with Tameside Council about other ways to tackle the problem.

“We hope these actions will help keep the area clean and tidy, and we encourage our residents to report any instances of fly-tipping or littering so they can be dealt with quickly.”

The matter was initially raised at the December meeting of Mossley Town Council where Cllr Mullin said: “I was dismayed by the litter and people thinking it is a good idea to have sofas in their front gardens.

“I would not like to live next door to some of the conditions. They were so bad I was going to take around our MP (Jonathan Reynolds).

“I spoke to Jigsaw/New Charter about it and they have done a good job clearing it.”

Cllr Mullin is calling for skips to be sporadically placed in the areas for residents to dispose of household items.

Cllr Thomas told the meeting she had contacted Sarah Chilton at Jigsaw Homes who set out how they are addressing the issue and supporting tenants with how they dispose of large items of rubbish.

• Mossley Town Council has agreed to a request by Mossley Litter Bugs to give them £50 so they can buy six litter pickers due to increasing numbers taking part in clean ups.

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