Fresh criticism over controversial plans for 21 homes at Brookfields

A CONTROVERSIAL proposal to build 21 homes at Brookfields, Mossley, has come under renewed criticism.

It came from Mill Lane resident Alan Thomas during a meeting of Mossley Town Council.In the public engagement part of the meeting, he questioned the suitability of the land for development as well as raising concerns about safety, access to the site and the loss of wildlife.

Alan disputed a claim in one of the planning reports that stated the land was “stable”.

“It is unstable as it was once a council tip which seems to have been disregarded,” he said.

“You only have to looks at the names Brookfields and Spring Street.

“There is water running off the site and under the railway, even after two-or-three weeks’ nice weather when the ground is bone dry. If you change the water course, you are going to get flooding.”

Alan wanted to know where this water would be diverted to in the event of 21 homes being built on the site.

He also questioned the unsuitable access and close proximity to Milton St John’s C of E Primary which raised safety issues, especially in winter when there is snow and ice to contend with, saying somebody could get hurt or killed.Alan added Mill Lane was built for horses and carts, not HGVs which would need access to the site.

He also disputed whether the development would take two years to complete, saying he believed it would be nearer to three years.

Once completed, Alan added the 21 homes would generate extra traffic on Mill Lane as there would probably be at least two cars at each.

Alan was also concerned about the loss of wildlife, pointing out there are badgers on the land.
“It should be left a green space. Plant some trees and leave it,” he said.

Paul Clements Court Properties, from Southend, Essex, is the applicant for the development which was lodged on June 5.

Consultations ended on November 29 and a decision will be made shortly. The original target date for a decision was October 3 but that was put back due to consultations being extended.

2 Replies to “Fresh criticism over controversial plans for 21 homes at Brookfields”

  1. It’s not only the impact environmentally, but the danger to children’s lives.
    A shocking plan that would affect the local community in and around Mill Lane. The immediate streets are not meant for articulated lorries on they are very narrow streets.

  2. Brookfields is a nice bit of greenery. Leave it alone. I grew up in Mossley and the amount of green spaces that have been given over to housing developments is more than enough. I don’t live there now but I am very much on the side of residents. Dale Thomas

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