They’re lumberjacks and they’re ok

COMPETITORS found themselves uprooted and their hopes of winning the annual Lumberjack Challenge sawn up by a ‘dangerous’ new winner.

For 50-year-old local labourer ‘Dangerous’ Jay Hill dominated the competition as Mossley’s toughest battled it out.

The Allotment Café, just in front of Woodend Mill on Manchester Road, saw the latest edition of the event, which was set up a few years ago by Sam Clayton and his business Woetree Tree Services and it is run annually for free.

And Jay, along with his son, were worthy winners as they won the log toss and axe overhand chop before conquering the Atlas stones and dethroning long standing champ ‘The Viking’ David Short.

Competitive spirit coursed through veins, even in the ‘warm ups’, a team exercise dragging logs and hoisting contenders up to ring a bell in a tree.

Then it was down to the individual challenges all based on manual labour jobs.

As well as the contests, the crowd voted for the most sexual contender with Sam Clayton, taking home the Lumbersexual award for his bronze medal performance in a beautiful satin red dress.

He said, in more normal attire: “The best thing about the day is always the family fun atmosphere and seeing people who never competed in anything like this before throw themselves into it wholeheartedly.

“Simon Platt and David Carley impressed the crowd with a massive effort having done zero preparation.”

Now 2019’s Lumberjack Challenge is over, thoughts turn to 2020’s competition.

It is likely what has become a phenomenon through word of mouth will be held again at The Alllotment Café.

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