Stamford Riding Stables is galloping strong after 20 years

A POPULAR riding stables is galloping strong after twenty years in business.

Stamford Riding Stables is an established business in Mossley situated opposite St.George’s Church in top Mossley.

stamfford stablesIt has been under the present ownership for two decades offering riding lessons and pony care courses.

The business, approved by the Association of British Riding Schools, has nine horses, 14 stables, two full-time and one part-time members of staff and provides riding opportunities for children and small adult riders.

“We are tucked away behind the vicarage and a lot of people in Mossley still don’t know where we are,” says owner Susan Phillips. “We are still a bit of a surprise to some.”

Private ‘tiny tot’ lessons are available for four-year-olds with group sessions starting for youngsters aged five upwards.

The stables, off Stamford Street, are open most afternoons and also Saturdays and Sundays. Lessons are for one hour for group lessons and half or quarter hour for private.

The lessons are in an enclosed riding arena, which has a rubber and sand surface and is floodlit.  There is always a wide range of activities for children during the holidays.

As a member of the ABRS the stables offer certificates and awards in both riding and pony care and can facilitate specialised courses for school groups, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Scouts, Home Educators etc.

“Many people want to buy their own horses now rather than have regular riding school lessons,” explains Susan who, with husband Trefor, has run the stables, close to St George’s Vicarage, for 20 years.

“To help people make their minds up on private ownership we offer pony loans.

Classic Wills 10x3 ad SI 0577“With a pony loan, they pay so much a week, starting from as little as £20, and have the opportunity to see if they are committed enough to actually putting in the time before investing a lot of money.

“Sometimes they perhaps don’t realise it’s a seven days a week, every week of the year, including Christmas Day, commitment.

“We will also give parents a list of additional costs they would be coming up against if the pony or the horse was their own.”

In addition, Susan and Trefor offer a ‘pony pets’ scheme, similar in principle to pony loans. Plenty of people like horses but sometimes they just don’t want to ride them for a variety of reasons whether that be age or fitness.

“This way they can look after the pony or horse for a couple of days at a time,” explained Susan.

“Again it’s up to them how much commitment they want. They can groom it, muck it out and lead it round the yard to exercise if they wish.

“Ultimately though we keep ownership of the animal and ensure it is exercised and looked after properly. We are here as a safety net.”

For more details contact Susan on 01457 837698 or email


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  1. Hi Sue,
    I think I sold my Haflinger pony to you 20th June 2016, her name was Oxnead Marrietta, I would just like to know how she is getting on? Or if she is still alive. I still think of her often.

    Kind regards Leanne Thornton.

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