Micklehurst is top of class for well-being with AcSEED award

MICKLEHURST All Saints CE Primary has become only the third school in Greater Manchester to receive AcSEED accreditation.

AcSEED is a charitable organisation exclusively focused on promoting the need for high quality emotional well-being and mental health support in UK schools and colleges. It provides recognition through the AcSEED award to those organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to such support.

Founded by young people with lived experience of well-being challenges at school, the well-being framework defined by AcSEED encourages a whole school approach to emotional development and mental health support.

The school, children, staff and governors, welcomed Mossley Mayor Cllr Irene Raddings, Cllrs Jack and Stephen Homer and Chris Lyness and Ali Sparkes, from TOG MIND, to school worship that included celebrating the AcSEED accreditation.

Charlotte Gatherer, founder of the AcSEED initiative, said: “The team was impressed by the strong wellbeing ethos at Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School, by their well targeted emotional well-being provisions, and by their use of external agencies to provide complementary wellbeing knowledge and services”.

Ali Sparkes, education and development services manager at TOG MIND who works with the school, said: “This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication shown by the headteacher (Laura Trelfa) and all staff.

“The school has taken on board and developed a whole school approach to emotional health and mental well-being which serves to provide the children with a safe, enriching and empowering environment in which to learn.”

Some of the many initiatives that AcSEED were impressed with was the school’s day-to-day pastoral support for both children and parents, emotional health and well-being sessions delivered by Let Your Sun Shine and TOG MIND to target small groups or individual children and the range of parenting courses offered.

The school also works with The Tutor Trust that provides learning support to small groups of children that benefit from targeted support.

In addition, the school council has worked on Five Ways To Well-Being and have delivered assemblies to share this awareness work with all children.

The school council also came up with the idea of a daily morning Wake Up Shake Up, which involves all staff and children completing a five-minute exercise programme to music to invigorate them before lessons start.

After lunch and before lessons re-commence children also have a five-minute mindfulness session to calm and prepare them for the afternoons learning.

Children also benefit from a reflection area in the school playground and a nature reserve that is home to bug boxes and the school ducks which children care for on a daily rota.

In KS1 and KS2 children participate in weekly outdoor gardening sessions which focus on educating children on the benefits of healthy eating and living.

Miss Trelfa said: “At Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary we strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum and as a Church of England school we focus on the whole child and the fact that every child is unique.

“The emotional and mental well-being of all our children is a priority and that is why we are particularly proud of this award.”

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