Developers urge council to approve bungalow plan

DEVELOPERS have urged Tameside Council to give a plan to build six bungalows close to Mossley town centre the go ahead.Land on Greaves Street is the intended site of the new homes after previous attempts to build there were knocked back.

This time, it is proposed the one-bedroomed properties be erected in three blocks of two and would not affect a nearby community orchard.

And a report on behalf of the land’s owners, who bought it in 2017 with the intention of developing it, insisted it has to happen for the good of the area.

It also pointed to Tameside’s ‘lack of five-year housing land supply and need to provide smaller dwellings.’ “It is not clear what community value the application site has,” agents Alistair Flatman Planning said.

“The Council are unable to demonstrate a robust five-year supply of housing. In addition, the 2017 Tameside Housing Needs Assessment demonstrates a clear need/demand for bungalows.

“The proposal will bring clear economic benefits in terms of creation of construction jobs and increased spend in the local economy post construction.

“In terms of environmental benefits, the site itself is of limited ecological value with no trees on site.

“In terms of social benefits, the proposal will deliver six smaller one-bedroom bungalows aimed at those wishing to downsize.”Those wanting the scheme, which is set to go before Tameside Council’s planning committee, also claim that ‘only six per cent of the current housing stock is bungalows. In Mossley Ward less than five per cent of housing stock is bungalows.’

Plans to build four three-bedroomed houses on the Greaves Street land were refused at the end of last year, mainly because of the loss of open space granting it would bring.

This time, all the properties will have gardens and will have level access at the front. However, all will have to rely on on-street parking because of the site’s proximity to Mossley town centre.

Despite that, the applicants’ report insisted: “The provision of bungalows both meets a local need and also ensures outlook over the site remains for dwellings opposite.”

It also stated the reasons for the 2018 refusal: “These are considered unreasonable given the site is in private ownership and has no heritage value at all.

“Since the 2018 refusal, the site has remained overgrown whilst fencing erected on site was removed to enable unauthorised access for dog walking.

“The site does not have significant amenity value or contribute positively to local character, rather it is a private area of overgrown land. The site is of no amenity or recreation value.

“As such there is no planning reason why planning permission should not be granted for the proposal.”

The latest Greaves Street application, which was lodged in November, is likely to go before Tameside Council’s planning committee early next year.

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  1. The reason there’s no trees is because they were cut down before planning went in by the land owner, also harris fencing was put up for no reason just an eye sore , you’ve dumped an empty cabin in the middle for no reason, has for parking there is none available now never mind when bungalows are built ,
    When they say it’s not used by the community they are lying it’s used by dog walkers , kids and family’s ,
    It’s a community asset
    It should never of been sold off for peanuts and resold for a massive profit shame on you Shameside council !

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