Ellie’s efforts raise money to help Aussie wildlife

A MOSSLEY schoolgirl organised a sponsored litter pick to raise money for wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires.

Ellie Le Duc’s challenge was to collect two bin bags of rubbish each day for a fortnight.


And the 15-year-old from Manchester Road has raised more than £250 which has been given to the World Wildlife Fund’s fundraising for the Australian bushfires.

Ellie, a pupil at Mossley Hollins High School, is a keen conservationist.

On her GoFundMe page, Ellie wrote: “Bushfires are currently burning across Australia, and has affected over 10 million hectares of land, and while bushfires are a normal occurrence in Australia, this level is much worse than years before.

“The fires have been devastating for the native wildlife, killing more than a billion animals and putting some species at risk of extinction, such as koalas, kangaroos and wallabies.

“Many charities have been working tirelessly to raise money for this cause, and doing important work such as providing emergency treatment and shelter for displaced animals. However, none of these charities can operate without your donations, which is why raising awareness about Australia’s situation and what we can do to help is massively important.

“I would like to raise money towards these amazing charities, as well as contributing in my own way to my local environment.

“For two weeks I will be going out every day to pick up litter in my town, and while it isn’t exactly fighting climate change, it will help provide a clean habitat for local animals.“I will aim to fill two bin bags of rubbish every day and recycle what I collect no matter the weather, and while it won’t leave much time for homework during my last year of secondary school, I’m hoping that my efforts will encourage more of you to give what you can to those combatting this international crisis.

“All the money I raise will go towards WWF, which is carrying out work such as providing emergency funds to care for injured wildlife, restoring koala habitats and planting trees after the fires have passed, and pressuring the Australian government to impose stricter laws on tree clearing.

“As I live in the UK, donations will go to WWF UK, which will send the money to its teams in Australia.

“While human life should be our main priority, it cannot be ignored that the disruption of Australia’s eco-system will greatly affect people, potentially all over the world, and have long lasting effects for our planet.

“Please give whatever you can, as all donations help. I will post daily updates on Facebook of what I am doing and how the fundraising is going.”

Ellie’s mum Sara added: “What Ellie is trying to get across is that, though there are human disasters every day, the loss of wildlife will have an effect on human life for years to come.

“Ellie thought doing something that impacted local wildlife was symbolic.”

• To sponsor Ellie, go online www.gofundme.com/f/australian-bushfires-animal-fundraiser

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